We are not realizing the extreme amount of carbon footprint that are released in our everyday activities harming the environment day by day. 

While we are all striving to achieve a friendly environment for us and wild life we are all at the same time money-hungry and devastate and feast on mother earth.

No Fear, minusFootprint is here

Your Personal Carbon Footprint Assistant

What is minusFootprint?

MinusFootprint is built for the citizens by the citizens

You save the environmental resources by decreasing your carbon footprint and empower the world to change

Whether you’re an environmental conservationist deeply passionate about decreasing your carbon footprint or just an Average Joe with a smartphone, you’ll love all you can do with MinusFootprint.

The More User, The More Powerful it Grows​

Making the world a better place user by user

Available now for free​


What can it do?

Easy to Understand

Follow Daily Tips, Complete Daily Challenges


Complete Challenges, Earn Achievements


Fluid App Design


Simple and Elegant User Interface

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